Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The party with the mean spirit

Congress is not only a feudal party, it also usually exhibits a nasty, and a very mean streak in its protestations. One shouldn't be surprised that the party's inherent dynastic structure condones if not assiduously promote such palatial intrigues for its own sustenance. 

A party spokesperson provided us a clear exhibit of this rancid trait. This followed opposition leader L K Advani's compliments to Pranab Mukherjee, a man-for-all-seasons for the UPA:
Sometimes I think had Pranabji not been there, what could happen to this government? Whenever there is a crisis, he is there. Twenty-five years ago, he presented the budget and did so again yesterday as it was a crisis situation.
Not able to see one of its own gaining stature the Congman(allegedly "close" to Mukherjee) wasted no time in giving Advani's compliment a nasty spin terming it "backhanded." Not to be outdone, another fellow supposedly from the inner-circle saw a conspiracy in it, a revisit of the media-blown sham tussle between Atal-Advani. Being gripped with paranoia is a characteristic systemic flaw of dynastic intrigues. So no surprises there. It will inevitably consume the party in the longer term-- and, need I say, I can't wait for that moment. :-)

That Advani found it suitable to complement Mukherjee is not surprising. Arun Shourie-- in one of his Youtube videos--is known to have said that the Congress was on the verge of giving away Siachen, and we almost lost it, had Army bosses alerted the BJP, and for one man in the UPA, Pranab Mukherjee. 

But then let's not forget that Pranab Mukherjee was also behind the disgraceful surrender to Islamists in Taslima Nasreen's forced flight outside India. 

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iamfordemocracy said...

Congress can give a spin to Advani's honest observations only because there was no spin in the first place. Advani is quite incapable of any spin. Quite frankly, he is in politics only to prove that he is a nice and good person, and that is what Congress exploits to the hilt.

If Advani had sprinkled his comments with a tactical plan, Congress would have had much tougher time.