Monday, December 31, 2007

"Mayawati worse," says desperate Congress

The gloves are coming off and the Congress is baring its claws at Mayavati. Well, this move was long overdue. Congress was, and still remains, a feudalistic party. Its inclusiveness is restricted to sloganeering and when being "inclusive" collides with its ruling dynasty's priorities, all bets are off.

Here, Congress proves with words and action that it remains thoroughly exclusive. It is for Aam Aadmi so long as the putative common man stays under the Sonia/Rahul umbrella. Any sign of independence and the same aam aadmi is quickly smeared as ugly Indian.

Now Mayavati is no normal Dalit leader. She has revealed that her ambitions are not limited to Lucknow but reach all the way to Delhi. Translation: She aims at Rahul's throne and is thus a potential threat to dynastic succession. Since her UP victory this yr., Mayavati has been quietly nursing her ambition, and that is hurting Congress. Sonia is hailed as the messiah of dalits, tribals etc., by servile MSM, but the elections are proving that Dalits no longer look towards Congress for succor, and would rather vote for their behen (Mayavati). This has cost the Congress few precious seats in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, states where it lost badly to opposition BJP. To cut it short, Mayavati is proving to be a party popper for heir apparent Rahul baba, and by extension the media minders who feed on dynastic largesse.

Mayavati is proving to be the proverbial cat among Nehruvian pigeons. Driven to desperation , Congress gunslingers lobbed a salvo at Mayavati, of course with the "high-command's" approval, "If Mulayam was bad, Mayavati is worse." It goes to show that the thin "inclusive" mask of Congress is giving in to political exigencies. No more niceties for this Dalit ki beti.

Tough luck Rahul baba aka Bubble boy. It looks like without wishing for your "sudden removal," your political career is increasingly doomed, fortunately.

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