Monday, December 24, 2007

Thy nasty, Gujarat '07 aftermath- What about Sonia? And Rahul?

You heard it- what about Sonia? And Rahul?

Gujarat assembly results are out. Modi got a historic mandate and is all set to run Gujarat for next 5 yrs., except that he won't be able to, and will possibly have to move to center to answer his higher calling. The point that no one has so far surmised about is the after-effect of Modi victory on the mother-son duo. NaMo did win but the the tremors are being felt at the heart of 10 Janpath, right upto the dinner table.

Sonia gambled big time, and lost badly--notwithstanding the futile effort of friendly secular media to take focus away from the dynasty's failure. Sonia and Rahul did quite a few trips through Gujarat during the campaign season; poured money to complement their presence; had a docile media to play footsie, yet lost. There is the psychological outbreak and then their is the important trust factor. By now, Sonia and Rahul baba must have concluded that the people immediately around them cannot be trusted. They will also know that the media cannot be trusted either, since it keeps feeding them with gauzy stories about their outings, almost never providing reliable feedback. It is not exactly a secret that the clan keeps important decisions to itself, and mostly settles them on the dinner table with the daughter/sister as remaining participant.

With the calamitous results of their Gujarat adventure, which are bound to be compounded once Himachal vote is accounted for, the melancholic, paranoid clan, distrusting its coterie ever more is bound to withdraw further inwards. The fallout of which means increasingly, more important decisions will be taken with even lesser accountability, increased secrecy and will be based on feedback that cannot be trusted; which inevitably means those are going to be poor decisions. The trouble is, Sonia's clan, for now, remains saddled with making decisions critical to national security and its future, and we can ill-afford any sloppiness on their behalf. One can only hope that certain untoward things, like Chinese invasion on Arunachal etc., don't occur in the meantime. As NaMo quipped the other day- "It is better to be at the mercy of Gods that be at the mercy of Sonia." Yet, there we are --at the mercy of Sonia that is.

PS- Rather than worrying about Modi or Sangh Parivar, Telegraph India and Ashis Nandy co. should begin psychoanalyzing Sonia clan with acute urgency. A morose clan can really torpedo their 'secular' prospects.

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Prudent Indian said...

Hi! Socal,It is my honor to include your page as in my must read list.

as for rahul
[...]Rahul Baba did two “Road Shows”, one in Surat city. All three seats of West Surat, East Surat and North Surat Congress lost to BJP, with huge margins.
Another “Road Show” in Baroda Rural, Cong lost to BJP…
Wonder, who Rahul Baba was campaigning for! Not Congress for sure![...]

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Narrendra Modi.
(I came, I saw, I conquered: Narrendra Modi)