Friday, February 29, 2008

Comrade Ashok Mitra's pride

Comrade Ashok Mitra should be lauded for giving away the bitter truth of Castro's six decades of devastation wrought on Cuba.

Mitra eulogizes Marxist Cuban leader Fidel Castro for having "restored pride" among Cubans which, he tells, is their most "precious asset."

Marxists are usually vocal in criticizing others for raising emotive issues. Marxists further champion bread at the expense of trivial luxuries of freedom and empty emotions such as pride. We can probably dig up few dozen articles in which Comrade Mitra lashed on his capitalist enemies on similar charges.

Surprise, surprise. Now that the trophy Marxist leader has resigned, the only substantive achievement that comrade Mitra can showcase is what, pride? Poor cubans, six decades of hunger, poverty, depravity and all the much touted commie leader left them with was empty pride? No bijli, sadak, pani, just vacuous pride. It is another matter that these proud Cubans throw themselves to the mercy of Atlantic on tire boats, and rafts to somehow reach the shores of their capitalist enemy. But all comrade Mitra can see is tariffs.

I won't be surprised when the Marxist misrule comes to end in Waste Bengal, all they will have to show is "restored Bengali pride," as in renaming Calcutta to Kolkata, the Bangladeshi conquistadors etc. What a shame!

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