Friday, March 21, 2008

The "syncretic" kool-aid--conjuring "confluence" out of coincidence

What happens when you've a slow news day? You conjure up meaningless feel-good report about a non-event that would otherwise pass off for benign neglect.

Much has been made of the coincidence that March 21st has brought. Holi, increasingly an occasion for revelers and their bacchanalia; Good Friday, historically a day reserved for slaughtering Jews where anti-Semites reigned; and some nondescript Muslim 'festival'; they all happen to fall on the same day i.e., today.

It is a funny notion that a religion which accords piety to some arbitrary desert-compelled asceticism has 'festivals.' Maybe the deserters too need something to cheer up their otherwise dreary, melancholic lives.

Anyway, just the coincidence itself is so appealing for secularists that they're almost giddy while airbrushing it with their patent theme i.e., the same old multi-culti stuff: india together, saath-saath, sadbhavna, syncretism and such lofty, and empty, phrases.

How could secularists pass off such a godsend opportunity(forgive the pun) and not lump it with their bread-and-butter propaganda issue, one can justifiably ask. And so the report.

Apart from the cheap jibe at Modi by D Raja, leader of CPI, five-star activist Teesta couldn't resist the temptation and jumped in with her own frivolous observation:
“This can only happen in a country like India and that is why I am proud to be an Indian. What can be a better message for our fascists that no number of them can destroy our syncretic culture?”
That's a tall claim, but with jetsetting "activists" high-decibel belligerence often substitutes for reason.

I don't know what's unique about different people doing their own separate thing on any given day in any part of the world. Happens every day, in every enclave, on every continent. Okay, there's allowable hyperbole-laden cheerleading in her statement, but to say that "this can happen only in a country like India" is a bit over the top. Okay, it doesn't happen in Saudi Arabia, but still, you got rest of the world pretty much, too large sample for an exception.

Actually her claim is yet another piece buttressing the case in 'Liberal Fascism.'

Further yet, I don't know what exactly is syncretic about mutually exclusive group functions where the walled-off old city denizens don't wish to mingle with those outside. Let Holi colors fall on certain places of worship and witness the 'syncretism' explode in your face. Syncretism implies mutually participative coming together of differing beliefs. All but one of the three above cited festivities are exclusive. Holi, which isn't, is shunned by those that celebrate the exclusive ones. While it is perfectly normal for people to keep their differences, a rather simple facet of life, secularists conjure up a non-existent utopia where differences are not supposed to exist beyond a certified ambit, or else are forcibly glossed over. Dissent is proscribed and those who do so are swiftly tarred as "communal." The results are usually catastrophic as is witnessed very often.

The only fascists who should be disenchanted by such exclusivist celebrations should be 'liberal fascists' i.e., members of Teesta's tribe. Indeed, they cannot destroy such far-from-syncretic culture simply because you cannot destroy something that doesn't exist.

In all this flutter the real significance of March 21st is completely forgotten--it's the equinox stupid. :-)

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