Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Controversial" passages from Taslima's novel Dwikhandito

These appeared in EPWeekly. To my knowledge, there's nothing controversial about these passages. They can be easily verified by the three authoritative Koranic translations on USC website. [I am trying to make a compilation of these controversies, your co-operation is appreciated.]

"If somebody, being inspired by Islam, follows the commandments of Allah and wants to be a true Muslim, then he easily may take oath from the Quran wherein it has been advised not to make friendship with the Jews and the Christians, i e, non-Muslims. If somebody does not follow this, Allah will throw him into the fire of Hell. Not only this, (Quran says) wherever you get non-Muslims destroy them, kill them. Whenever you find a non-believer (who does not believe in Islam) cut his left arm and right leg with one strike and his right arm and left leg with another (Dwikhandita, p 48)."

and a second from page 50:

"...he [Prophet Mohammed] killed people without any hesitation, bathed in the blood of people of other communities, ruthlessly killed the people of other religions, ordered his soldiers to loot the wealth of the Jews and he raped their women, thus he could hoist his victory-flag...What could I say! This is the character of our Scoundrel Prophet. And there is the great fraud named Allah in his (meaning Holy Prophet) jobba (loose garments). The billions of fools all over the world are keeping this Islam still alive. This is nothing but tricks of politics (Dwikhandita, p 50)."

PS- For the sake of bloggers' honor code(is there one?), I want to note that I found the above paras on some blog while googling.

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Dosabandit said...

As a matter of fact, the Prophet's biography is an good account of his killing or converting people. Wonder how can people deny that. You may find clues to sources in this Arun Shourie article -