Saturday, April 26, 2008

Excellent account of the real SF Olympic Torch Relay Protest

All Pictures courtesy zombietime. Please check the link for a detailed account, plus lots of pics and videos, something not available through the regular media. (I came across these first at LGF blog.)

The protesters used iPhones for an underground message system to track the relay by eavesdropping on Police communication lines.

Tibetans, Darfur genocide opponents, Burmese, Uyghurs and Vietnamese were among most of the protesters. Funny, no muslim groups supporting their Uyghur brethern--probably too occupied with America and Israel.

The Chinese consulate had brought in busloads of (Chinese) students from nearby colleges to demonstrate in their favor--expenses paid obviously.

Some of the images of tortured Tibetans show the grotesque side of Han colonization.

On a side note- I doubt any free-speech parrots of Indian media, art for arts sake type eminent bloggers etc., will dare publish some of these images, just as their brave performance during the Danish cartoon episode. Umm...but we've freedom of press you see. :-)

So, the pics:-

1. The Chinese olympic mascot is made to look like a typical evil cartoon character and the torch is made of bone. Excellent imagination. (Credit to zombie, again, for his observation about the torch.)

2. The next two are self-explanatory. It's an artistic play on olympic rings.

3. This last one is more surreal. The torch with Al Catraz in the backdrop, ethereally signifying the torch's tortuous journey.

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