Monday, April 21, 2008

Military training can be expensive

Militaries buy gadgets and toys from defense contractors, usually at an exorbitant rate. That is why arms dealers make boatloads of money which their sons/grandsons profligate away in buying BMWs, speeding it over hapless pedestrians, relieving them from their earthly misery.

Anyway, once the military acquires arms, it has to train its personnel for use of the weapons. Some of these weapons cannot be risked for training purposes so there are things like flight simulators and dummy platforms to minimize the cost.

But when none of this is possible, the troops have to use expensive weapon systems for realistic training purposes.

In a separate news, Pakistan reportedly test-fired its "2nd nuclear-capable missile in 3 days."

Also, in a recent study that I don't seem to find, but one which was mentioned by Jay Leno, people shop to ward off depression, to make themselves feel good. Trying out shopped goods can be a moral booster- the same study claimed.


RM said...

Also in the news: Fishermen along the cost of Gujarat brought to shore partially burned metal articles which looked like a missile wreck. They were painted green with a crescent sign and carried the the inscription "made in China".

socal said...

Could be, could be true, who knows?

Dirt Digger said...

Interesting stuff. If nothing the Pakis can blame India for all their problems and start another Kargil.
Already they've lost half their country to the Taliban. Now all that's left should be gone soon.