Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Why there can be no peace in Middle East

As if evidence were ever needed, here's a glimpse into why there will never be peace in middle-east and why Israel is condemned to live in a hostile neighborhood.

NYTimes article lays it bare.

The only way out is for Hamas to renounce violence, take upon Gandhian non-violent ways of protests, recognize Israel's right to exist, and return to negotiation table, if they really want peace. China should do the same with the Dalai Lama to give real autonomy to Tibet. That's the only win-win scenario for all parties. China and Hamas should think outside the box for the sake of peace.

After all, Chinese and Tibetans are same people, and so the Israelis and Palestinians. As such, they have to live together because geography cannot be changed. Creative give-and-take by Hamas and large-hearted positive attitude by Chinese is the need of hour. As the regional big brother China should show generosity to its neighbors and minorities.


dosabandit said...

Not that I don't hope for this, it is unlikley from China & Hamas. The struggle is exactly because of the opposite opinions & I don't think either is prepared to change stance. Peace at cost of giving up claim wouldn't be acceptable. What are they fighting for otherwise?

It is the failure of the international diplomatic community that they haven't been able to deplete support for Hamas & cajole China. There may be hope in the next generation of leaders.

RM said...

Those from the Indian left who champions the cause of Hamas dont realize that they are just another bunch of infidels in the eyes of the true followers of Islam. If Hamas had their way, 'rational communists' would certainly get punished.
Pretty much the same with Han communists. Admirers of 'socialist' China like N. Ram will be exploited and then discarded by the Chinese in case there is a real confrontation betwenn India and China.

Dirt Digger said...

Great thinking. Really idealistic. But there are other factors beyond the need for independence, at least in the Palestinian case. The Hamas organization is one of the most violent organizations and has the backing of several Middle Eastern countries who bankroll its operations. Those countries have the mindset of a thousand year war, as long as it happens outside their country and they can spite Israel.
Again noble thought, unrealistic practically.

socal said...

Hamas's thinking is well-known. They don't want to recognize Jewish existence in Israel. If they change their position peace is possible. The onus is on Hamas. Ditto for China.