Thursday, May 15, 2008

Express Sadbhavna hits Jaipur

A newspaper from Rajasthan has uploaded several pics of the blast aftermath. Some see luridity in it, some call it macabre, others see it as the price of sadbhavna. Too bad 'concerned' citizens never make it to the venue. It is only the unconcerned citizens who loiter in temples and such mundane places.

Over 60 innocent people died! Chill out, that's just jejune statistics.

I've arranged the pics in descending order of public concern--for the sake of normalcy as we know it; I don't wish to loose my sleep over it. I hope you don't either.

This is what you'll mostly hear about. Hearing anything else would mean you're buying into misguided youths' misleading propaganda.

Are they washing blood stains, or truth? No, those are members of Concerned Citizens for Clean Jaipur.

All the candles and trips to Wagah didn't come to their rescue. Well, did the nukes? So, that just means we need more of the same, not less.

Brave Jaipurians should get back to stupor asap....oops, I meant work. A white-paper is on its way to reassure them.

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