Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Indian Left's routine Israel bashing

Defense minister A K Antoni had a little chit-chat with left "members" on missile development. No, they're not worried about India's security suddenly. For those who still persist in denying China's aggression over India in '62 that would be some volte-face. The reason is that this missile co-operation is between India and Israel.
Defence minister A.K. Antony today ...[asked DRDO] to cut down dependence on foreign collaborations in missile development even as the Left(communists) asked for greater transparency on joint ventures with Israel.
How about some transparency in the secretive, upper-caste male members dominated Politburo meetings or the furtive visits of comrade Yechuri and Karat to fatherland China? Or the shoddy behavior of their old fatherland Russia in the Gorshkov carrier case? Nah, they would never touch those issues by a bargepole.

Antony was speaking to the members of the parliamentary consultative committee on defence. Left members[CPI(M) MPs] P.R. Rajan and Shamik Lahiri are understood to have asked for details of a missile development joint venture with Israel.

I'll be damned if the communist members ever expressed similar concern for our defense preparation regarding China. This sudden spurt of interest is for one reason alone: Israel. The comrades are gunning for two birds at once through their skulduggery: the Muslim vote bank and America--China's rival and Israel's 'imperialist' backer.

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