Friday, August 1, 2008

Kuldip Nayar's South Asian dreams

South Asianitis is not a new phenomenon. A queer group of South Asianites recently made its appearance in Sri Lanka where the latest SAARC summit is being held.

Being South Asian and grassroot democracy types the 'loya jirga' of South Asianites ended up picking a strange name, completely contrary to its professed ideals. It calls its own little seminar circuit, of all things, "People's SAARC." There's Democratic People's Republic of Korea, commonly called as North Korea, which is neither democratic nor a republic, but a despicable Stalinist dictatorship. Why would self-confessed grassrooters want to pick a name that resembles with that of a terrible regime is an obvious question, but then those who know the history of these grassrooters know it very well that they might as well be called grassuprooters: their goal being undoing everything and spreading chaos.

So what were these grassrooters upto in Colombo, apart from seeking limelight, you might ask. In the words of the grand ol' man of radical left, South Asianites, journalist Kuldeep Nayar:
The unanimous demand of the delegates was for a borderless South Asia, with no visas, no restrictions to enable people to travel and trade.
Well, that demand is not getting anywhere, and the South Asianites know it quite well, too. Uprooted from reality that they are the grassrooters can very well afford such junkets, just don't ask about their funding sources, that's all.

As for ye old Kuldip, I vaguely recall someone calling him Kulnashak Liar. Gotta hand it to the anonymous neologist's clairvoyance. Greatly put.

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