Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh these mushy stories

Every so often some 'secular'  journo brings out these typical sadbhavna stories. TOI has this on this front page:
"When Rama took break to offer namaz." 
Hmm...but Allah couldn't wait for Rama, no? If Rama taking break for namaaz is secular, shouldn't namaaz taking priority over Rama be communal?

Unless you're a heartless communalist your heart should melt at these sort of stories.Counterquestioning is the last thing that's expected of you. Secularism is a one way street you see. The journo hack further exclaims...gasp..."Not a single protest was heard thereafter." 

Oy vey! Why our 'secular' highness expects a protest after a play I don't understand. Does she think that the local mortals cannot distinguish between act and fact? I don't know. Hey...but this is a well-travelled all-knowing secular journalist we're talking about. So, quit questioning her and savor what's dished out. The menu is secular after all.

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