Monday, December 29, 2008

What would "proportionate" be?

Israel recently launched air strikes on the Gaza strip controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas. Not 24 hrs have passed since the strikes and "massive demonstrations erupted" on  the Arab street and in the larger Muslim world (which also includes the "secular" Kashmir of Ghulam Nabi Azad btw). When Muslim terrorists massacred 200 innocent civilians in Mumbai no demonstrations were to be seen on the Islamic street. The Human Rights groupies too are crowing in unison with Islamic fundamentalists. They, too, were silent in the immediate aftermath of Mumbai massacre. 

Anyway, the response du jour now is to characterize Israeli attacks as "disproportionate." But, as always with the our dear Islamists, the facts don't gel with their accusations. Otherwise, how do you explain this:
From January 1 until December 21, Hamas and its allies had launched exactly 1,250 rockets across the border between Gaza and Israel. Then the escalation really started: on Wednesday 70 projectile missiles landed in the Negev and its populated areas. On Thursday, more of the same. On Friday, two Palestinian girls, cousins of 5 and 12 years, were killed by a rocket that was launched in the Strip and landed in the Strip. But these unfortunates were not the targets of fire. It was just another day of blast offs into the Jewish state. 
So 1250 rockets from Hamas over almost an year are "proportionate" according to these worthies. But the three day air strikes are not.  Going by the dense population of Gaza strip, which in itself is the result of "disproportionate" Palestinian breeding, even you even drop a watermelon there's a distinct possibility that someone named Mohamed will die. What surprise then that even targeted air strikes on Hamas strongholds killed couple hundred over a matter of few hours. 

The root cause of this violence is of course the violent philosophy of Hamas. Untill and unless they give up violence, and adopt Gandhian ways of non-violence, they will be solely responsible for Palestinian, and Israeli deaths in and around Gaza.  But don't bet on Arundhati or Sahmat-types "talk"-ing them into change Hamas' hearts and mind, or preaching Gandhian ahimsa. No Sir, that nonsense is reserved only for dhimmi Indians. 

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