Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Secular press agencies goof up

A seemingly confident 'secular' journalist clearly misunderstands the little flub during Obama's swearing-in ceremony, and conjures up a completely inaccurate report based on his limited understanding.  

"But at one point early on, Obama paused, as if grasping for the next words. Roberts helped him over the brief awkward moment, repeating a few words to get Obama back on track. He was then the first to congratulate Obama on his new job."

And then his overconfidence does him in.

"The smile-evoking assistance could be the precursor to many important interactions between the two men who rose to their positions of power quickly and who have some background similarities, but whose politics differ."

A typical case of putting your foot in mouth, you would agree. The upstart secularist prevailed upon himself, refusing to cross-check his account with what actually went on. Here's a Slate report that accurately jots down the real happenings. It was Obama who tried to help the Chief Justice, and not the other way round. 

P.S. The secular newspaper has pushed this erroneous report in the background and published a correct one on their front page instead. Meanwhile, Obama is readministered the oath by CJ John Roberts. 

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