Saturday, January 10, 2009

A worthy precedent?

Imagine one of India's friendly neighbors has a problem. Now imagine a whole lot of peaceful aam-aadmi type refugees trying to pour into India across the border. And now imagine Indian govt. refusing to admit them. Further imagine that these would-be refugees belong to a 'certain community.' How many barrels of secular tears do you think will sip into newsreel?

It's a rhetorical question of course, and I'm not looking for any answer. Hazarding an answer is no different from guessing the specifics of the Rajus Satyam scandal, or hairsplitting over the day UPA might act against "non-state elements." 

As it happens every so often, the Arab street is in rage over the treatment, or 'mistreatment,' of Palestinians. No matter how tempting it is to suggest that Hamas brought it upon themselves, and the Palestinians, it is politically incorrect to voice such an adomination amidst an informed concerned citizenry. 

But despite the chorus of anti-Israeli tirade growing shriller by day, an Arab country's Arab despot has pulled the impossible. 

Egypt has so far refused to admit the Palestinian hordes splashing on its border checkposts.  Of course Hosni Mubarak, the Arab chap who sits in Cairo (or Alexandria), isn't feeling giddy about his sordid deed. :-) He is doing so out of "enlightened self-interest" in Acornspeak. Hamas is the ideological offspring of Islamic Brotherhood, the fundamentalist Islamic terrorist movement that has beleagured Egyptian state for several decades. In the words of a saintly human rights activist, Hisham Kassem, the report cites, "Mubarak cannot have an Islamic terrorist emirate on his border." (emphasis mine. Btw, aren't human right activists supposed to not link religion and terrorism?)

This is of course true. In nutshell, "enlightened self-interest" has prompted a Muslim, an Arab, ruler/despot/tyrant/emir, to throw fellow Muslims under the bus. Although don't bet on A.G.Noorani ever suggesting to follow this worthy precedent. Count on him to scour obscure European treaties to create a pretext for secession of Muslim dominated Kashmir.

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