Tuesday, January 13, 2009

'Secular' theater of absurd

Clearly, the train has left the station, and it's too little too late to commence such retaliatory action. 

Meanwhile, the Pakistani PM is making a mockery of our position. As if the attacks were not enough, he rubs it in further by questioning the "noise" level over Mumbai terrorist attacks, directly cashing in on the world's "disproportionate" preoccupation with Israel.

Fact is, strategically, India's options are limited. The Great Powers game works to Pakistan's advantage, and it has two of them courting her. Besides, 'secular' politics handicaps the maneuvering room afforded to our policy establishment. Risk-averse politicians will not venture out further untill they see electoral gains from such measures, which translates into Indians voting out decisively one way or the other rather than throwing in mixed mandate every so often.

There doesn't seem to be any endgame in sight for now barring the wilting of two superpowers or a sudden rise in India's power status, followed by election of a strong national leader. Both seem equally unlikely at this moment, and, sadly, in the forseeable future. 

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