Thursday, February 14, 2008

Comrade Ashok Mitra in Denial

One thing you have to hand-in to comrades, they are relentless when it comes to holding on to dogmatic positions. Public opporbrium, except RoP measures, generally don't bother them. Comrade Ashok Mitra used to be a fin. min. for comrade Basu, and regularly pens a column for Telegraph, Calcutta.

His column today dwells upon one-time fellow, and deceased in vogue, the Blitz editor, Russi Karanjia.

Hidden amidst Mitra's encomium is a curious nugget of Marxist deceit. He's afterall a distinguished member of the "China's chairman Our Chairman" crowd. Mitra slyly slips this in:
"The Indo-China imbroglio of 1962 presented Karanjia with his first crisis."
The term 'imbroglio' implies a complexity, an entanglement, involving two(or more) parties, for which both are responsible, more or less.

Now, India was hardly responsible for the Chinese invasion of '62. Euphemising it as an 'imbroglio' all but absolves China for the invasion by rubbing the guilt on India, through an innuendo of being obstreperous, and thus carrying the shared guilt.

Yet Mr Mitra precisely chooses a term that allows China plausible deniability. Mitra and his comrades have been playing this game for far too long, at our expense. It begs urgent attention in lieu of communist China's sabre-rattling on the issue of Tawang, and the whole Arunachal Pradesh. Those, based on Chinese claims that rely upon its imperial legacy.

If Chinese imperialism isn't okay, aren't our comrades guilty of living in denial?

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