Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Every Indian has the right to be anywhere in the country"

Bollywood's Mr Shahrukh Khan delivered this homily today(appeared in a tabloid I don't wish to link):

"....every Indian has the right to be any where in the country and make the nation proud."
Really, Mr Khan?! Even in Kashmir?

I would be more interested in his pep talk if he could spare his eloquence and admonish his Kashmiri fans with the same vigor, or speak with a matching ardor for renunciation of violence towards the displaced victims of terrorism in Kashmir.

There are few enclaves in countless Indian cities and towns, where, forget 'aam' Indian, but even an armed Indian police person would hesitate to go. The terrorist mastermind behind Godhra could be nabbed only when the state reserve sent few police companies inside his ghetto. But don't expect Mr Khan to say anything about it anytime soon.

Things like the image of a certain neighbor in Bollywood movies occupy him more than frivolous national issues where his voice could be utilized more purposefully.

Apparently, his movies are quite popular in Malaysia, but his voice was AWOL when the worker crisis over there was in news. Can't clap with one hand, or so the saying goes.

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