Sunday, February 24, 2008

Different strokes

CNN news anchor Jack Cafferty was sitting in on Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer couple days back. The news item they were talking about: US shooting down the satellite with Hydrazene fuel.

I think it was Wolf Blitzer who mentioned that China was asking for satellite data after the shoot down upon which Cafferty wished if he could get to respond on behalf of Pentagon. Blitzer questioned him what his response would be, upon which he pithily replied 'two words not utterable on a family channel.' There's little doubt what those words would be, but I had to applaud his sentiment no less[%$&* you, that's what].

China secretly shot down a satellite last year and would not even agree as much despite the Pentagon disclosing the test couple weeks later. Its official confirmation came much later, reluctantly so. And now it wants "satellite data."

I hope Chindu editor naxal Ram would advise China not to engage in arms race and cut its 100 billion dollar defence spending.

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