Monday, February 25, 2008

Meaningless taqiyah

Just today a notorious tabloid carried this news: Muslim clerics declare terror un-Islamic.

This is the sort of platitudinal taqiyah that's become a staple of jehadis' discourse. It's meaningless hooey because such declarations never explain, with example, which act they consider to be terrorism, and hence un-Islamic.

And what does calling the act "un-Islamic" entail? Will they excommunicate muslim terrorists indicted for acts of terrorism? Will the clerics refuse them Islamic death rights? Will they suggest similarly harsh punishment such as for apostasy to those muslims who commit "un-Islamic "terrorist acts? No answers are provided by them.

Case in point, Afzhal Guru. Do they consider his act un-Islamic? Should he be sent on death row? Will they sign a petition to put him on a fast-track to death row? Will the clerics at least approve of such a petition?

Barring answers to these and similar questions, this declaration is just another piece of al taqiyah. It's not worth the paper it is written on, or the TOIlet paper it's printed upon.

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