Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cheap Congress

India's economy is supposed to be at least $1-1.5 trillion. Since India is still "secular socialist" the PM, or the person who controls him i.e., the super PM, is responsible for keeping our economy humming.

That makes Sonia, being the queen who currently runs the show; one among the top 5 powerful women in the world; perhaps the top in number of sycophants/chamchas in the galaxy(Harish Khare, Vinod Mehta, Mahesh Rangarajan, Pankaj Whora etc. taking the top laurels); the overlord of billion peoples fate and a trillion dollar economy. Woo-hoo, utopia!

As luck would have it, Sonia Mata visited the land of dreams, the good ol' US of A, sometime last year. As happens with most politicians on sponsored junkets some people protested her visit.

Now, one would expect that the uber liberal, tolerant, saath-saath type, bhaichara party would take criticism in its stride and move on. But not!

Few self-styled "activists"-- license raj beneficiaries all-- of the party took it upon themselves to defend the honor of Frau Sonia.

Being the favorite party of " eminent intellectuals" one would expect an intellectual defense, but no. They did what clueless "activists" usually do: file a lawsuit. We're talking about the honor of a trillion dollar queen herei.e., 1,000 billion for crying out loud, the lawsuit should have kept that in mind. But the dumbos filed a lawsuit for a measly little $100 million i.e., less than one percent of what Soniaji is worth today. I'm hoping Rahul baba will give an earful to these activists and ask for a raise in the figure. Khandaan. Izzat. Sawaal. (Phew, everytime I say anything Urdu, I run out of breath. I guess its Arabised elevation rarefies the surrounding air. Anyway...)

The NYT ad that Soniaji's critics put up allegedly accused her:
" ..of violating multiple laws of India with impunity from the time she entered India by way of marriage with former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and 'looting the country' on a large scale.'

The advertisement also launched personal attacks against Sonia, something the protestors had denied, alleging that the Italian-born Roman Catholic 'locked the then Congress (party) president with (the help of) party goons in a toilet and declared herself party president.'"
This is worth $100 million?! I hope the court chides the petitioners for wasting its time and asks them to grow up.

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Dirt Digger said...

The actions of the activists reads like an Ektaa kapoor soap opera.
Its incredible, how a person with no public speaking abilities, a bland personality and being a non-native can lead the largest democracy.
A wise man said, democracy is the rule of idiots.