Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Communalising" nuclear deal issue

The last thing any CPI(M) politburo member(uber appratchiks that is) could be accused of is communalism, or so the communists think. But the unthinkable has happened. Someone in CPI(M) named M K Pandhe made a remark that the Samajwadi (Socialist) Party would loose Muslim votes because "an overwhelming majority of the Muslim masses are against it".

A day after his remarks there is virtual pandemonium in 'secular' circles. The Marxists have disowned it. Other secularists are accusing Pandhe of communalism. Even Muslim groups are denouncing him, or so we're told.

Most of the remarks of Muslim groups however reinforce Pandhe's assertion. There is not a voice amongst the spokespersons of Muslim groups which supports the nuke deal. The rebukes are typical: Muslims should not have to "prove" their "nationalism" etc., but tucked among them is this curious nugget:
“It’s true that there are many in the community who are suspicious about the American involvement in the deal but in every community there will be those who oppose it and who support it. The issue is not whether the deal is good or bad. The issue is why has the CPM singled out Muslims? It’s high time the CPM realizes that national interest is more important than ideological interest. They can go on supporting China but don’t use the Muslim community to make their case,” he said.(emphasis added)
That is a statement from one Moulana Abdul Hameed Noomani, a spokesperson for "Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind, India’s largest Muslim organization."

Please check the highlighted part. Mr Noomani finds it unpalatable to have Muslims' 'loyalty to national interest' questioned, but in the same breath asserts that he has no problem with CPI(M) rooting for China.

Shouldn't an individual 'loyal to national interest' balk at even the hint of someone rooting for an adversarial nation against his own country's interest?

Curiously enough, Mr Noomani sees nothing wrong with Marxists' support for China. One can only guess why.


Prasanna said...

Hi Socal

I think the entire furore over the alleged 'communnalisation' of nuclear deal is orchestrated.Spindoctors and cheerleaders of the deal in Indian MSM (TOI/IE/CNN-IBN) are now getting very desperate and using any stick to beat the opponents of the deal

What else explains creation of furore over a typically idiotic remark by a senile ,loquacious leftist loudmouth .The mad men in politurbo keeps making these comments every day

Do these media worthies not know that left has a long history of communalising foreign policy.They have long been in truck with Islamists in India overtly as well as coverty with Anti-americanism providing the glue.How come this sudden realisation on the part of otherwise leftie-left media.If they were consistent,the media should always opposed this nexus as a matter of principle .Why then wake up to perils of communalising foreign policy only in the context of nuke deal.

The deal has its merits but not sure whose bidding the media is doing by this naked aggression.

I get a vicarious pleasure in seeing these journos manufacturing outrage over the alleged 'communalisation' of foreign policy

Good fun

RM said...

Noomani's comment could well be a sarcastic remark about how CPI(M) is sucking up o China. Let us give him the benefit of doubt this time, socal.

socal said...

I would buy your argument if Mr Noomani displayed equanimity towards sarcasm targeting causes he holds dear.

My objection is that he very well affords to be facetious with the issue of outside loyalty because it isn't something that overly bothers him.