Friday, June 20, 2008

OIC vote on Kashmir

Recently, the OIC voted on Kashmir-related resolution--one of its annual conference chore. This vote is always one-sided.

Iran, with whom we've cultural ties for over 5000 yrs., too has voted against India and in favor of Pakistan-sponsored resolution; always, without an exception.

We're told that we should not vote against Iran during the UN resolutions condemning Iranian actions violating international treaties that it signed voluntarily. We're told that we should not violate international treaties because UN is sacred and our high-moral position could be hurt. Or worst, we could face isolation.

We're told that we don't need nuclear weapons; that 'South Asia' should be nuke-free. But Iran, no no, it does need the nuclear weapons. It will not face isolation. It's irascible President even gets to be our guest/friend with a red carpet welcome. Remember, this is the same guy who denies the holocaust and who has publicly proclaimed that he'll wipe out a country with his newly acquired nukes. Nothing, none of this even as much as register on Indian 'secular 'conscience. Not one 'concerned citizen' is horrified or shamed to have Ahmadinejad in New Delhi. There are no protests on our streets either. The mob that protested against President Bush's visit is exultant at Ahmadinejad's sojourn.

Iran, further, faces no isolation, no opprobrium, does not contribute to arms race or affect the stability of the region. Iran is mysteriously spared the lectures that greet certain other countries or groups. Lectures on peace, human rights, interference in internal affairs (Hezbollah is an Iranian proxy in Lebanon) are decidedly missing.

Despite such hypocrisy 'secular' India still maintains the facade of possessing moral rectitude.

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