Thursday, July 10, 2008

Believe it or Not

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, a radical fundamentalist Muslim organization, is "launching" a new front--they are dime a dozen anyway--to “thwart the Indo-US nuclear deal and oppose designs of US Imperialism.”

It further tells us that “a national alliance of anti-imperialist movement is the need of the hour,” and that the “secular dispensation under Manmohan Singh has sacrificed democratic aspirations on the altar of nuclear agreement.”

It urges the hallowed "'aam admi' to teach “every imperial agent” a lesson in the next election."

Now, this is rich coming from the paladins of Islamic imperialism as it does. The bucaneers of world Islamism are willing to sacrifice a 'secular' govt. for the benefit of their brethern in Palestine, Afghanistan and, of course, Iraq. Whether it is due to the severe thrashing received by their cohorts is debatable, but this development portends ill and is along the lines that we've now come to expect from these groups.

In keeping with taqiyah they have even managed to couch their opposition in 'secular' terms(forgive the pun).

It can be dismissed as fond hope but hopefully some secularists will notice the priorities of the Islamists and communists at least now. Just to put it in words, those priorities lay outside the periphery of cartographic India. Sorry, I didn't want to use jingoistic terms like nation, borders etc. This is an era of global citizenship afterall.

Curiously, I don't see any secularistwits pointing out to their soon-to-be ex secular foelows the irony of siding with 'communal' BJP. Perhaps they are still grappling with the heresy that Manmohan has addled the anti-imperialist party of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi with. Rajiv was berating American invasion during the Gulf war, even pleading on behalf of Saddam Hussein. During those heady days the newspapers and news bulletins (those were glory days of Doordarshan) were stuffed with encomiums of Saddam and his formidable Republican guards. Of course the Scuds proved to be duds and the battered secularists snooped back into woodwork.

What to say of Indira Ghandi: she single-handedly tied India to the Soviet guillotine ,wasting an entire generation of Indians at the altar of quixotic socialism The sloth and corruption that seeped into national bloodstream haunts us to this day, two decades after Indira's death. For that party to turn around and shake hands with the arch imperialist USA is quite something, even if done in a highly opportunistic manner, at the twilight of UPA dispensation.

We sure live in strange times.


Prakash said...

Amazing blog!!! Very well written.

Dirt Digger said...

Very incisive and insightful. Great point about Rajiv's anti-imperial activities, I remember those boring USSR themed functions on TV.
Regarding Indira Gandhi, you might remember that Lal Bahadur Shastri the PM of India, suddenly 'passed away' at Taskent and there were KGB tapes on how he was crying for help which never came, probably on someone's orders.
You don't think those tapes would have been played during every negotiation?