Friday, July 18, 2008

Munawar Hussain spoketh the unspoken

With the talk about the confidence vote up in the air some unspoken truths are being heard loud and clear. Marxist party member M K Pandhe "communalized" the foreign policy first and now an ultra-secular MP of the 'secular' Samajwadi Party, one thorough gentleman (secular to boot at that) named Munawar Hussain has spoken the truth.

In his own words: "The (nuke)deal is anti-Muslim and we are against it more so because it is being promoted by the US, which is an anti-Muslim country." Maybe he has just let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

Though it is not strange anymore, neither is it alarming, but yet a 'communal' concern, that being, how easy it has become to oppose this deal without citing its cons in reference to India, without inviting any contempt from the public. It is as if all this obnoxious behavior is taken for granted and justified under the pretext of 'chalta hai' attitude.

Whatever the case maybe, it is heartening that secular shenanigans are precipitously umbling out of the closet. What's more, the confidence vote may not have any bearing on the nuclear deal after all.


dosabandit said...

Mohammedians have always been clear of their interests.

Dirt Digger said...

Of course, anything anti muslim is anti India. Why are you so surprised by that statement? You are siding with the US, hence you are an imperialist, anti-secularist, liberalist. Of but wait a second the Communists are siding with the BJP which is pro liberalization and anti-Islam. Hypocrisy is seldom more evident than in this issue.

socal said...

"Mohammedians have always been clear of their interests."

That's enviable, and admirable.