Friday, July 25, 2008

Memo about the Bangalore blasts

CPI(M) General Secretary, Prakash Karat, and several that-which-can't-be-named groups had warned that the nuclear deal is not good for the country. Barely has the deal been sorta approved by the parliament do we get this. This goes to show the prescience of Communists and that-which-can't-be-named groups. They may not say it but I doubt it is 'I told you so' that's on their minds.

It might be a disturbing pointer towards the ascendancy of reactionary forces in Karnataka since the assembly elections.

It also reflects poorly on part of foreign agencies that are provoking misguided youths within the country. Proper training would've ensured more effective blasts. Perhaps the global recession is hurting foreign agencies--or, the fake currency shortage might be to blame.

It could be a case of adulterated TNT or some such explosive, too. Hopefully high-quality RDX would be preferred henceforth.

Anyway, Bangaloreans should maintain calm, not play into the hands of communal forces, and wait till the investigations are over. It is highly irresponsible to blame any group before the conclusion of official investigation.

As for the state, well, it can form another agency to tackle terrorism and shore up intelligence operation. But the real solution lies in addressing the root cause, such as reversing the nuclear deal and not forging an alliance with Israel or USA.

And oh btw, my heart goes out to the injured Bangaloreans and those that are now deceased.

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Dirt Digger said...

Seldom have I read an article which epitomizes the phrase 'tongue-in-cheek' better. I do hope the PM and CM get to read this as they address the people of India on this issue.