Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's Deja Vu all over again

One of Yogi Berra's immortal quotes has to be invoked to express the melancholic atmosphere in the aftermath of the serial terrorist attacks, first in Bangalore and now in Gujarat. It is Deja Vu all over again.

Been there, done nothing, and being there again! The rigor mortis afflicting Indian society symptomatically shows up in that people are so dejected that no one even asks for action against the terrorists anymore. What the ayatollahs of secularism will prescribe is entirely predictable--candle burning events, appealing calm, acting where options are already exhausted and further action can only be a dead end as in intelligence reforms etc.

Trudging the garden path of appeasement has brought us here, and there's fat chance that a different course will be adopted or even allowed to be thought of to fend this minatory violence.

Those who are dead are already gone, so why harass those who are alive, and let's move on. That is pretty much the gist of what the ruling class will offer. They don't care whether you live or die as long as their dear lives remain unaffected. The question is do you care for your life? If yes, how much? At least to go and vote?! I don't think so.

The state of New Hampshire has as its official motto: Live Free or Die; very brave words. It appears that Indians have resigned to the singular fate of 'Live like a Slave or Die', since freedom is clearly unaffordable. Else there won't be talk of economics everytime someone advocates action.

Whatever, the clear winner in this war are the jihadi terrorists. Their enemy is even unwilling to mull action against them, leave alone taking one. Such a thorough victory! Hats off to their grit and determination. Really. I mean it.


Prakash said...

Sad it has come to this. But my question is simple - were we expecting it to turn out any different?

Aryan said...

the sad apathy of a slave race, well captured, Sir !

socal said...

"But my question is simple - were we expecting it to turn out any different?"

It is not a question of expectations, but squandered ability. It could be different; It should be different.

Tanuj said...

shall I blame Advanis, Modis and Thackreys ...

socal said...

Why ask me? It's a free country. Blame whoever you want.