Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sushma Swaraj may be onto something

It is lamentable that Sushma Swaraj's recent remarks have raised such a ruckus even among otherwise decent people. And I am not talking about the uppity 'seculars' obviously, who have a bone in this partisan wrangle. Anything that can distract from the Manmohan Singh and Sonia's UPA's all-round failure in delivering governance, and worst halting the mass slaughter of Indians by jihadi terrorists.

Swaraj's statement have been labelled "presposterous" by those who, till date, refuse to accept the culpability of Islamic terrorists in 9/11. Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, is the perennial scapegoat, otherwise it's the good ol' Jews with dreams of world domination who are to blame.

The calumny of 4000 Jews on mass leave on that unfortunate day still persists. Read a systematic refutation of that rumor on Here's a comprehensive list of the "9/11 Heroes." You can find a fair share of Friedmans, Goldbergs, Silversteins and Rosenthals over there. Despite this evidence the calumny refuses to die.

Anyway, what Sushma says, namely, the govt. i.e., the UPA might have a dirty hand in the recent bomb blasts is eminently possible. The dirty tricks dept. of UPA has proven itself adept at going to any lengths possible for power.

Has the Congress promoted terrorism before? Check. Has the Congress bribed MPs to remain in power? Twice at least. So, Check! Has the Congress subverted constitution through underhanded means? Recent state govts. in Jharkhand, Goa, Bihar and Karnataka stand testimony. Check.

What is there that Congress has not done for power? It even cashed in on its assassinated Prime Ministers, and never fails to remind us about that.

It still refuses to pin down the blame of the Godhra train bombings on the fundamentalists Ghanchi muslims. By the popular 'secular' theory of self-combustion the passengers set themselves on fire apparently. No question is raised as to why no one from the surrounding slums, heavily populated by the Ghanchi Muslims no less, did come or even attempt to rescue those caught in the fire. Perhaps they got a wind of the mass suicide planned by the Hindu passengers and refused to interfere with their plans. It is altogether different matter that most initial reports were blaming it on a molested local (read, Muslim) girl, feud with a Muslim vendor on station or some such purported incident.

The plots changed and the 'seculars' ultimately rested with the most convenient self-combustion theory.

But the Congress penchant for libels and conspiracy theories is not limited to few incidents. Sonia Gandhi roared "Maut ke Saudagar" in Bollywood-style during Gujarat's assembly elections and ended up defeating her own party. Did that raise hackles among the liberals, journos or self-styled "concerned citizens"? Apart from a grim acceptance of its contribution to their defeat in the elections, not a pipsqueak was heard from anyone. The charges are unproven; not a case has been filed; yet the sinistrous campaign of slander against the individual continues unabated.

Not one secularist has registered shame over the endless repetition of those unsubstantiated charges.

That's not all however. The secularists, psecs whatever you wish to call them, invariably take pleasure in abusing not few individuals but an entire party and its related organization of reaping electoral harvest from communal killings. Even the scale of such violence doesn't deter them from leveling such charges. A few vulgar ones among the 'seculars' have gone a step further and slandered the entire middle-class or state populace for its vote.

A certain joke usually made by the secularists is that there are no riots during BJP rule because the rioters themselves are the govt. The underlying assumption being the BJP leaders indulge in communal killings for political purposes.

That such dark humor, at the expense of the hapless dead souls, is considered mundane by petulant seculars, Congressis included, tells you the hollowness of their synthetic outrage.

Cold-blooded Congress leaders indeed are behind these blasts. It won't be wrong to say that they are in and for these blasts. The persistent picture of grimacing Congressis tells me that Sushma Swaraj may indeed be onto something when she hauls them for the terrorists attacks. Bravo Sushma. You go girl!


RM said...

I know a few left liberals who think that there is a jewish conspiracy behind 9/11. The same people turn pale at the mention of the term islmaic terrorism, fearing that such terminology is equivalent to stereotyping musilms as terrorists. When I try to point out that the conspiracy theories they endorse do the same to Jews, they invariably fall back onto the old commie trick of temporarily aligning with the weak to fight a the biggest imperial threat (read US-Israel.

Aryan said...

Brilliant !

socal said...


Tanuj said...

Firstly, as far as I know 141 people has been arrested for Godhara.
Like you find it sinister to blame indidual when charges are unproven and no case has been filled. Same thing applied for Gamchi Muslims before blaming them just based on popular public opinion.
Like some quarters blames jews for 9/11. Gujrat government can also be blamed for whole Godhara incidence, burning the coach first, blame muslims and killing thousands of mulims in reaction instead of taking legal courses, win election.
After what they did in 1992 BJP anything is expected.