Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aye to Plebiscite

If someone says that there should be a plebiscite(referendum) in Kashmir I'll say, hell ya, indeed why not. When article 370 was approved we were told that J&K will be slowly integrated into the country. Looking at the current signs a significant part of the state is clearly rooting for such integration and India might do itself a favor as well by offering them such an opportunity.

People of J&K should be offered a plebiscite, making them vote aye or nay on whether they want to merge with India permanently or keep the status quo. Such a plebiscite would be win-win for all--separatists included. It is unfair and undemocratic to keep those who want to integrate be quarantined from the national mainstream against their wishes. Those who support this idea are welcome to form ANPAD--Act Now for Plebiscite and Democracy. Women can form PAIDWA--Plebiscite for all India democratic women's association.

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