Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh Susanna! Don't you cry for me

Susanna Arundhati Roy, vented out her frustration in a recent Kashmir rally, thus:
Then she added, “But I think today the people have represented themselves.”

Roy concluded with words, “India needs azadi from Kashmir as much as Kashmir needs azadi from India.”
The obvious question is who's representing India here? Not the people, certainly. What business is it then of Ms Roy to speak for India? The last time I heard, India is still a democracy and Ms Roy never contested any election. Indeed it is her who needs Azaadi from India, overwhelmed as she feels by India's myriad problems, as much as India which needs azaadi from Ms Roy, and her global crusades. Please, oh Susanna, don't you cry for me, or India.

Ms Roy unwittingly exposes the myth behind people-to-people contact, too. Countless visits by social "activists," candlewalas, jholawalas have not bridged the hearts and minds of 'Kashmiriyat 'separatists who feel perennially alienated from a govt. that is propped by these very socialites to boot.

However, people-to-people contact mantra still may redeem itself if it is allowed to work genuinely, in true democratic spirit. The gulf between Kashmiri separatists can be bridged if ordinary people are allowed to go to Kashmir and make it their home. Kashmir's hoary, shared, syncretic culture will be exponentially enriched if several other multicultures from parts of India interact with it, carried over there by people from rest of India, who love Kashmir.

And that is possible if only India repeals Article 370 from the constitution.

One Kashmiri separatist leader called India for help when they suffered earthquake. If only they were equally welcoming of other Indians during good times, and if they were not butchering Indians on a perodic basis, he won't feel so lonely in times of tragedy. By keeping the company of the likes of Ms Roy the separatists are hurting their own cause.

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Anonymous said...

that is possible if only India repeals Article 370 from the constitution.

Seems so easy doesn't it ?

But if they kicked up such a stink over some temple over in the mountains that was only going to be used a few months of the year..

Then how do they react if we do as you say ?

Reasons were forwarded for its creation, i'm waiting to hear same for its removal.

Not that i doubt it won't make a difference, economically alone there would defnitely be a win.

And what's that mantra we keep hearing, better economy more peace...

..and no i did not think much of her article on Kashmir either but your reasons are more compelling :)