Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ersatz or deliberate?

India's jetsetting activists organized a curiously funny carnival called "People's Saarc" coinciding with the real, and rather meaningless, SAARC.

As is the won't of left-wingers the "People's Saarc"ers flooded youtube with videos of the non-event. One such came to this blogger's attention and has been previously posted, too. At 2:07 in the video you see a motley groups of "activists" sloganeering "hum Cheen ke lenge azaadi" meaning " we'll snatch/clutch/snare freedom," don't ask from whom as I don't know who they are protesting against. You might also wonder as to how lefty radicals who pontificate endless dialog have no qualms in advocating an inherently violent process that snatching, snaring, clutching is. But then again "hum discuss karke lenge azaadi" or "hum candle jala ke lenge azaadi" sounds clumsy Rajivspeak. It just doesn't have the right flavor.

It is tempting to dismiss this high-decibel sloganeering as usual leftist piffle, but it caught my attention because of this news item. The report cites Kashmiri separatists shouting slogans-- Jiyo, jiyo Pakistan, hum hain Pakistani . Other slogans included Islam Zindabad , Lad ke lenge azadi and Allah-u-Akbar .(emphasis not mine).

There's not much of a difference between "hum cheen ke lenge azaadi" and "lad ke lenge azaadi." Both unambiguously declare violent intentions and justify terrorist tactics. The only instance when lefties are against "splittist" are when the split involves separation from their latest fatherland. Rest is business as usual.


Aryan said...

leftists radicals batting for islamic radicals ! damn, whodathunkit ? =)

Dirt Digger said...

The irony here is that India is paying thousands of crores to feed, clothe and shelter these SOB's while they want to secede. Maybe we should just kick them across the border and let them enjoy life there.

socal said...

It doesn't work that way DD. They'll it's our choice to pour money. We're stuck either way because these jihadis will form little Talibanised state right on our head if they're allowed to secede. The only practical solution is to reinstate full democracy there so that Indians from other states can go and dwell there.