Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama's presidency has some pluses

John McCain is a moderate Republican. He has almost always treaded a centrist path during his Senate career. But there is one issue on which he is conservative since the beginning: pro-life or anti-abortion. 

Though given his track record I doubt he'll want to pack Supreme Court with any more justices like the present conservative lot. Two SC justices are definitely retiring by most counts: Ruth Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer. Any new conservative appointments will hand the SC to the Christian fundmanetalists, at least when it comes to the issue of abortion. An Obama presidency will most certainly avert that. Barack Obama's presidency also shatters the glass ceiling for non-whites, and given the racial undercurrents that still run in American politics, that is an important achievement. And the danger of some charlatan who refuses to be American citizen for the larger part of hers/his immigrant life, and then desperately tries to make his way to the highest office also becomes real. But then I doubt Americans will ever let any such person get any close to the White House, except as a visitor perhaps. 

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