Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change they've been waiting for

How much of a "Change" Barack Obama really brings remains to be seen, but if there is some silver lining to this election it is that the Christian fundamentalists received their long deserved comeuppance. What the Republican strategists started with as a clever way to shore up their bottom line has become an all-consuming behemoth that has eaten into it. 

As for President-elect Obama, I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up disappointing his hardcore leftist backers most. America's business is running their worldwide empire, and that requires being pragmatism, something not afforded to the media and university types. Obama's planned spending is definitely going to bloat the deficit, and will probably prolong the recession. Protectionism in America will mean the opportunistic, swooning secular desis who jumped boat from Hillary onto Obama's might be in for severe heartache.  

Racism and Black grievances are not going to be solved overnight either. That an individual with no support system in place scaled the democratic system all the way to White House however speaks highly of American democracy. It's an admirable quality which any meaningful democracy should want to imitate.

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Dosabandit said...

An interesting debate will soon start. Affirmative action still needed? Now that a man of color has broken the toughest glass ceiling, should it continue? That will definitely disappoint all the black Americans.

And while Obama winning the election is significant, it hardly is the first in a democracy. Minorities, women have held/ are holding the highest of offices in India.