Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rediff asks the wrong question

Rediff employee Mark Schneeberger raises a question: Will Bobby Jindal be Republicans saviour?

The answer is obvious: no. I'm surprised the columnist is even raising this question. Anyone who's followed this election should readily notice the severe rebuke of Christian fundamentalism. Sarah Palin was the icon for this crowd. And she probably cost McCain the election, just next to economy.  Even hardcore Republicans are voicing their discontent about the overreliance on Christian fundamentalists, euphemistically called "social conservatives." Recruiting the evangelical Christians has been one disaster for the Republican party. Jindal is not evangelical in that he's not Protestant, else he's every bit their Catholic counterpart. Once his school essays are publicized he is bound to become laughingstock of civil society. And consequently stamped unacceptable.

Indians, in US, should ask themselves if they want to support someone who refuses something as basic a matter of science as evolution? Should such an anti-modernist represent them anywhere in any capacity? Should such an anti-modernist ever become President of any country? I hope not.

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