Thursday, November 20, 2008

Left narrative remains the same

No matter where you travel, the leftist narrative remains the same. Bret Stephens in WSJ (No Excuses' for Liberals):
This liberal narrative of its own near-misses, bad luck and tragic interventions of fate is supplemented by a parallel liberal tale of unbridled conservative malevolence......As for conservative electoral successes, these are explained almost entirely as a function of political dirty tricks (cf. "October Surprise") jingoism (Star Wars, Grenada et al.) and racism ("Southern strategy"). "The legacy of slavery, America's original sin, is the reason we're the only advanced economy that doesn't guarantee health care to our citizens," writes Nobel laureate Paul Krugman in "The Conscience of a Liberal." Who knew that a straight line connects the ideas of Jefferson Davis and Milton Friedman?
Replace secular with liberal, a "third-world" country for US and you get an idential tale. But, in India, the seculars have had something better than excuses. 

They deflect! If it's not cricket, it is "Hindu terrorism." Seculars are never wrong. Even when they are wrong they manage to sound right about getting it wrong. 

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