Monday, November 10, 2008

Rightly said

For Arab(and Indian left) epiphany:

The family name, Emanuel, is a tribute to Rahm's uncle, Emanuel Auerbach, who died in 1933 fighting the Arabs in Jerusalem. "Obviously [Rahm] will influence the president to be pro-Israel," his father toldHa'aretz last week. "Why wouldn't he be? What is he, an Arab? He's not going to clean the floors of the White House."
One can imagine that any cautious optimism from the jihadists--who seem almost singularly concerned with Israel--will soon turn to frustration. In their view, the Emanuel appointment will likely signify that the Jews have won yet another American election.
Too bad for the amen corner of jihadists. What would Saba Naqvi Bhaumik do when she holds her column in the mirror and discovers that her new BFF's chief of staff is the son of a "Zionist terrorist?" Swallow her own words? For the anti-Semitic secularists in self-congratulatory mode, who were just getting done gloating over having rid of the "neocons"--yes, including that sockpuppet Vinod Mehta-- Rahm Emmanuel's appointment must be a nightmare come true.

Btw, godspeed Rahm!

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