Thursday, November 6, 2008

Response to dosabandit's comment

Dosabandit's comment. I hope Obama's election ignites the debate over affirmative action. It's overdue.

However, my point wasn't about minority or a female getting elected (you're right, US is quite behind on this count); it is something more fundamental, hence admirable. The Democrats brought a radical change in their hierarchy by moving from the grassroots and unseating a dynasty. While conventional wisdom types and 'secular' Indians were running after Hillary, Democratic Party loyalists went canvassing from door to door, promoting Obama. There were people knocking my door for Obama when no one would give him a whit of a chance. But here we are, with 'President' label ahead of Obama's name. All talk of democracy cannot bring about such a change in pretty much any democracy the world over. Look at BJP. Narendra Modi should be its party president today, but who do we have? As for getting someone whose last name is not Gandhi on Congress presidency, you might as well bet on man landing on Mars some day. 

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