Monday, January 19, 2009

First as tragedy, second time as farce.

Thus, they say, history repeats itself. 

A superpower never gets mired in a farcical charade with its puny neighbors. A wannabe power doesn't either. Courtesy Sonia Gandhi's govt. what's our status then, huh? 

"Pak may seek Samjhauta suspects if India wants 26/11 accused."

But the PM has other things on his mind. 
"PM gives up VVIP privilege. Goes to RTO, to renew his license."
On Sunday, mind well. Accounting the cost of overtime for the usually lethargic, and super-corrupt RTO employees, plus distraction from other national concerns, how costly to the national exchequer do you think was his trip? And this guy supposedly possesses economics doctorate,  or so we're told.

Mr. Singh, please do the job you've been appointed for, and excuse me, but please don't indulge your righteousness at taxpayer's expense.

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