Monday, January 19, 2009

Bush will be missed

The comics, the late-night stars et al. might miss President Bush for mundane reasons, but for India, and Indians his absence will be deeply felt. And for more serious concerns than seem apparent now!

Bush was good for India for the same reason that the liberals hate him: his certitude in conducting the much maligned war on terror. 

Today, Swapan Dasgupta prods us with this premonition
"Implicit is the advice to India to engage with terror than confront it. Yet, Miliband would have strengthened his case by specifying the values that bind the three democracies with those who idolise Osama bin Laden. Is it democracy? Religious freedom? Gender equity? Human rights?
If this is a foretaste of the Obama order, India will have reason to mourn the passing of the Bush era."
Pakistan might be the world's "migraine," but the coming Obama and Hillary administration (assuming Hillary for '16)  might very well be ours. It does not bode well for the real world in which we face Islamic terror. Declare victory and go home policy of the Obamaites is inevitably going to hurt us. Who do you think are the Islamists going to target after taming another superpower? 

As if that isn't nightmarish enough, the increasing feeling of a potential 'secular' triumph in the coming general elections keeps me up no end. Only time will tell what's stored for us since Naipaul's "area of darkness" seems destined to embrace the age of darkness. May Gods help us.

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