Friday, January 16, 2009

Wanted: A Universal Remote app for iPhone

It is extremely frustrating to juggle between gazillion remotes for every piece of gadget you might have, and it is equally undesirable to add one more to your already burgeoning, and chaotic, cache by adding yet one more, in the name of universal remote.

Nor is it my suggestion to look for the ultimate universal remote that Adam Sandler got his hands on. I mean the movie sucked (which of his doesn't anyway?) but you got to hand him that those  features are universally coveted, at least by men all over the world. Okay, maybe the Taliban types won't need certain features since they treat women so nicely, and are famous for their chivalry as any Outlook hack will swear, but you get my point. :-)

Anyway, the current Logitech line looks good and has some decent reviews, but I really don't wish to fork out more bucks for every fancy thing called 'remote' that they bring out each year. Hopefully someone will design a cheaper and lean alternative for the iPhone, since that's something we might carry with us for a good while, than the one that already exists

Where are the hackers when you need them? Seriously. 

P.S. Suggestions welcome.

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