Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Akashvani for secular Obamaoids?

I don't think so. Maureen Dowd might have annoyed the Obamaoids back home with her column today. I mean the all-knowing-oh-so-secular types. She seems to believe that the new American President might have(actually did?) learnt his lesson:
It took Daschle's resignation to shake the president out of his arrogant attitude that his charmed circle doesn't have to abide by the lofty standards he lectured the rest of us about two years.
Obama " admitted that 'ultimately it is important for this admnistration to send a message that there aren't two set of rules. You know, one for prominent people and one for ordinary folks who have to pay their taxes.'" 

It is of course a given that the ebb and tide in Obama's reputation shines on the water carriers of world liberalism. That mantle, in India, rests on the seculars' shoulder. Hence the desperate effort to cast Prince Rahul as some sort of twenty-somethings' hearththrob. That Obama has a Harvard law degree, and le prince, a Harvard dropout matters little to the hype brigade. 

Whether Rahul baba's extreme makeover will end up in coronation is a matter of speculation, except that your odds might be better if you have a hotline to the charlatan duo of Chawla and Qureshi.  

But Rahul baba's failure to launch cannot, and will not, stop the seculars from ooh-ing and aah-ing at the site of Obama. One won't be surprised if recycling Obama's lofty sentiments becomes a favorite pastiche for seculars. Of course, they're above aam-aadmis and slumdogs when it comes to accepting screwups, learning lessons, or eating humble pies. But even for them, "only a Gandhi can be king." 

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