Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Does Pramod Mutalik know? There's no such thing as bad publicity

So, there's a campaign going on which aims to  send pink chaddis to Pramod Mutalik whose group allegedly ransacked a pub in Mangalore. Their facebook group and blog has generated some interest and attention as well. And chances are that Mr. Mutalik might indeed get some gift packages, by Valentine's day. 

That there's some cheap fun in all this is undeniable. It's a stupid campaign afterall, and stupid is as stupid does i.e., profligate on something without any results. 

It's possible that the packages may not be accepted for delivery; it's possible that most avid followers of the group will simply backoff once they actually have to open their wallets over postal charges--I can see this happening with overseas enthusiasts of the campaign; it's not cheap to mail all the way home in such a short time. 

That this will help Victoria's Secret or few of its cheap imitators, too, is given. Though few thousand buyers will hardly make a dent in normal times, the manufacturers will be the most happy ones. And so the mail delivery people. 

But, what if these indeed reach their intended recipient i.e., Pramod Mutalik. All he has to do to turn the campaign on its head is to make profits over it and do exactly what the pink groupies don't want him to: use the generated money to forward his agenda.  

Here's how he can go about achieving precisely that: Get some parcel handler to manage the inventory and auction the wares online. Or even sell it to some NGO. 

Channeling the accumulated funds shouldn't be difficult. For his part, Mutalik gets to live the marketing dictum: there's no such thing as bad publicity. 

As for politics, it's highly doubtful how far his rival netmob will stay interested in one campaign. They'll move one. Mutalik, meanwhile, might end up a winner in public battle. Politics makes for strange fellows afterall.

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